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Love drenched, creativity from heaven and out of the glory. We are fully addicted, branded and consumed by our love for God. Breathing God in and expressing Him out on this planet through worship and the arts. We believe Worship isn’t about giving a group of people what THEY WANT (upbeat songs, slow songs, spontaneous/prophetic songs, etc). It’s leading a group of people into giving God what HE WANTS. You whose lives, songs and leadership, families, etc were birthed out of simplistic love and devotion to Jesus.. do not be subtly seduced into "professionalism" as a lover of Christ and the subsequent trading of first love for anything. As human beings we aren’t just minds, hearts, and souls; we’ve been given a body as well. And we are to worship HIM with ALL THAT WE ARE. The Bible says to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and STRENGTH- that involves PHYSICAL action. We can’t proclaim the greatness of God and worship like sticks. That’s not how we’ve been created. There’s a reason why we raise our voices, raise our hands, fall on our knees, fall on our faces, and dance wildly before Him. It’s the only FITTING response to His GLORY. The time has come to stop creating timidly or safely within the parameters of what no one could possibly misconstrue or critique. But to flood the earth with salty, light-filled works of creativity that carry KINGDOM breakthrough & destroy the works of darkness. The church (all of us) must worship, and worship and entertainment are at opposite ends of the table. When it comes to worship, we have found ourselves wondering if there is anything more powerful than purity of heart? Our conclusion is, no. There isn’t. Where there is purity, there is effortless power. True worship is way less about great tools, great songs, great sets, great musicians (and all the other things we tend to focus on), and INFINITELY more about continually cultivating a heart that stands in AWE and WONDER at the humility and majesty of JESUS and living our lives as a worship lifestyle in all that we are and all that we do.
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