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We are here to awaken others by the reality of God so they can live out of union with Him and live out His kingdom for personal, cultural and regional reformation. Bringing God into every part of our us and our lives.


We are a tribe built on the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe Jesus perfectly reveals the true heart of God. We want to start a wildfire of the radical intimate love of Jesus to everyone, anywhere, anytime. To live like Jesus lived. 


Kingdom Lifestyle is about bringing the kingdom of God into a lifestyle that reforms our world and the people around us.

God is not a distant or indifferent dad, instead, He’s a God who loves you, whose arms are open wide to welcome people home. Extravagant love. Love that is on a level beyond time and space. Divine love. And this is the kind of love that is towards everyone today. 


The big idea behind us, every woman, man, boy and girl – every age, every race – would find a home in God. A home where they belong. A community that functions as a family. We are a family and God has made us a family. 


This is this moment for us where we believe that we are going to be a community, a movement, a reformation that functions like a home, that looks like a home, that loves like a home. Globally and locally. And ultimately, what we experience on earth will look a lot like Heaven.

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